Aztoma™ Period Relief Massager

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🏆 Powerful & Efficient.

🏆 Portable Anytime & Anywhere.

🏆 Adjustable Vibration & Temperature.

Relieve Menstrual Pain, Enjoy the Daily Routine. 



3 Speed Temperature Adjustment:
The Relief Machine starts with 3 Seconds Quick Heat and provides 3 Different Temperature Levels which are 50­°C Daily Warm Uterus, 55­°C Menstrual Care and 60­°C Dysmenorrhea Care.
Multi-Frequency Vibration Massage:
The Massager offers a Multi-Frequency Vibration Technology which comprehends 4 Different Intensity Levels to adjust the massage strength to your personal preference.
Powerful & Efficient:
By targeting the Interested Acupoints once every day, improvements will be shown in Blood Circulation, Relief of Lumbar Pain, Better Metabolism and Improved Backache caused by Prolonged Sitting during the Menstrual Period.

Portable Anywhere:
The design has been made lightweight, foldable and rechargeable on purpose to be used comfortably anytime and anywhere to help you achieve relaxation and comfort during all your daily activities in the most convenient manner.


Flexible Velcro.
Relieve Lumbar Pain.
Promote Metabolism.
3 Seconds Quick Heat.
Quiet and Easy to Wear.
Multi-Frequency Massage.
Promote Blood Circulation.
3 Speed Temperature Adjustment.
50°C, 55°C and 60°C Temperatures.
Continuous Temperature Hot Compress.
Improve Backache caused by Prolonged Sitting.
4 Speed Adjustment Vibration Massage.
PI Metal Heating & Far Infrared Heat.
Warm Targeting Multiple Acupoints.
Small and Easy To Carry Around.

Colours: White & Pink.
Product Weight: 145g.
Size: 18.5*18.5*2.5 cm.
Warm Gear: 50/55/60 °C.
Battery capacity: 1500mAH.
Charging Method: USB Cable.
Charging time: About 2 Hours.
Material: ABS & Deer Velvet Fabrics.
Usage Area: Uterus, Stomach, Waist Abdomen.


1* Gift Box.
1* User Manual.
1* USB Charging Cable.
1* Period Relief Massager.



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