LED Infinite Dodecahedron Table Lamp


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The LED Infinite Dodecahedron Table Lamp creates a mesmerizing experience using the unique properties of light to evoke the viewer’s imagination. It features a 12-sided frame, a plastic and acrylic shell, a customized glass mirror, and a printed circuit board with high density. With nearly a thousand LEDs, this lamp showcases a vibrant range of lighting patterns and animations. With convenient switch control and a USB charging cable included, the Infinite Dodecahedron Table Lamp is perfect for adding an artistic touch to festive yoga tents, as well as serving as background lights for musicians, spaces for meditation, and even in your own spacious home.

Size: 20*20cm
Material: Plastic + Acrylic
Power supply: USB power supply, 5V, led lights

Package Content :

Decoration light x1


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