High Frequency Electrotherapy Wand


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Helps eliminate acne & other skin concerns, treats pimples and reduces their appearance!

Used by spas and dermatologists around the world, high frequency therapy is now available in the comfort of your own home.


High Frequency Electrotherapy is a rejuvenating treatment used in the skin care industry to treat a variety of skin conditions. High frequency is a non-invasive treatment that uses a glass electrode to pass a mild electrical current to the skin’s surface to oxygenate and kill bacteria. Clinical studies have demonstrated an excellent safety profile of high frequency procedures for skin tightening and acne treatment!


  • Eliminate acne & other skin imperfections

  • Sterilize bacteria in pores

  • Oxygenate skin

  • Increase blood circulation 

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Treat pimples and reduce their appearance

  • Treat broader areas like cheeks, forehead and jawline

  • Comb tube attachment energizes hair follicles on the scalp, promotes blood circulation, diminishes hair loss and reduces dandruff



This high frequency device can quietly reverse signs of aging and bring back youthful skin. It eliminates acne-causing bacteria in the pores while reducing inflammation, and helps to heal pimples and tighten skin! Use the comb head attachment to energize hair follicles and promote blood circulation on the scalp.


  • Comb Electrode for scalp area

  • Hook Electrode for small targeted areas

  • Mushroom Electrode for broader areas

  • Spoon Electrode for under eye area


  1.  Clean and dry skin before treatment

  2.  Insert electrode head into wand and turn on device

  3.  Place a finger onto the electrode to ground the current

  4.  Place the electrode on face, then remove your finger from the electrode to begin treatment

  5.  Move the wand in circular motions on the treatment area for 5-10 minutes

  6.  Apply skincare routine and moisturizer to hydrate skin

  7.  Use 2-3x a week for optimal results


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